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Ed’s Biography

Few people can say they lived life to the fullest every single day, but Ed Coates was a man who could actually make that claim. A true pioneer in his industry, Ed was a visionary and a born leader. As Co-founder, President, and CEO of Lordco Auto Parts, Ed took his original, small automotive parts store and, through perseverance, courage, and an unfailing belief in his vision over the course of 40 years, molded it into the largest privately held automotive parts distributor in Canada. With his loving wife Marlyn by his side, Ed succeeded in creating a company that reflects his character—dynamic, compassionate, and admirable.

Starting with a paper route as a young boy, Ed tried his hand at numerous jobs until he found himself at Walker & Sons. There, he started as a parts driver and worked his way up to the parts counter. This experience gave Ed the confidence and drive to open up his own parts store, and in 1974, Lordco Auto Parts was born.

Alongside Marlyn, Ed grew his small auto parts store in Maple Ridge, BC, into an industry leader in the British Columbia automotive aftermarket. With his innate entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the business, Ed quickly started expansion efforts with new locations being added faster than the store directory could be updated. In 1990, Ed bought his own distribution warehouse cementing Lordco’s place as an automotive aftermarket powerhouse. His ability to provide his customers with a top end sales force, fast parts delivery, and a business philosophy that the customer is always right created the recipe for success for Lordco Auto Parts today. As his business grew, so did his family. Samantha, Sarah, Ian, and Candace, Ed and Marlyn’s four children, are all deeply involved in the family business and, together with their mother Marlyn, plan to continue to grow and build upon the solid foundation left to them by their father.

Now with 97 Lordco Auto Parts locations throughout British Columbia, Ed has cemented his legacy as an astute businessman, savvy entrepreneur, and an industry icon. In an effort to carry on Ed’s entrepreneurial legacy, the Ed Coates Foundation has been created.