VCC student Ha Song Song received the Ed Coates Memorial Foundation  Scholarship of $500.  Robin Popow, ARC Instructor describes Ha Dong (Ace) as the best in his cohort of students that he’s seen in 15 years. Ace epitomizes the new breed of technician the collision repair industry is demanding to handle the rapid advances technology is having on the repair process. Ace has come to Vancouver from Korea on his own and earns just enough money as a personal trainer to survive and pay for his schooling. His attendance has been flawless even when he has had to take transit for several hours to make to class field trips. Ace’s class participation and attention to technical detail has inspired other students in his cohort to become more active as he sets the example. He also shows great empathy for his classmates and often asks questions for their benefit even though he knows the answer. While working in our shop Ace is usually well ahead of the other students but uses his time to help those struggling to keep up. Rob has had the opportunity to meet Ed Coates and his father dealt with him since the early 1980’s. He can confidently say that Ace is one of those young people Ed would have nurtured through the ranks to one day have his own store as he did with so many. An acknowledgement of Ace’s exceptional characteristics by granting him this award would go a long way, not just for him but also towards helping VCC raise the bar for future technicians as it is likely he will become a very successful member of the industry.